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Friday, May 31, 2013


Have You Started Your Ripple?

There is a company that has started surfacing over the internet by the name of Rippln. If you have not seen it yet here is an overview video:

That video has covered the basics of what Rippln is and what it is growing to be. This sharing model has already proved to be profitable with the companies mentioned and now there is a company looking at sharing that revenue! This could be huge but I am sure there will be bugs that need to be worked out as in all new platforms and technology.

The main point is seeing where your online reach is and how many people you can connect to. With a simple post, your message can now go out around the world to every part of your own ripple. This can be a great tool to promote, share, and inform others of anything that comes across your mind or eyes.

If you are interested, contact me or comment. I can still get my hands on invite codes so that you can get more details directly from the company as it expands. Thus keeping you ahead of others who may be looking to get their messages out on a global scale.

Start your Ripple with Rippln and see what your word is worth!

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