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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Who is winning in your opinion?

This debate can go back and forth for days on which is better but really I want to take the names out of it. Just looking at functionality and not hardware specs. No better way to boil down ANDROID vs APPLE than to compare what is in the phones itself. 

This is a bit harder to compare since there are so many Android phones out there so we can't dive to deep into the hardware so lets just focus mainly on the functionality. What you can actually do with the operating system itself. What limitations there are and lastly but not least what system do you see taking getting an edge up or taking over. 

All of those options and opinions are very valuable and many will have valid points on both sides. Me personally I am an Android user and do not prefer Apple. Although I know many who live by Apple and would not have anything else for their technology needs. So let's dive into it. 

First up APPLE

The first and most obvious answer that an Apple user would mention over Android is Siri. I have heard this time and time again of how much Siri can really help out the phone user. Siri has a number of useful features and can follow many commands as well as provide an element of comedy to some situations. Apple users please comment more on the uses of Siri and how she has changed your phone experience. 

Others have come to love the connectability of thru Itunes and having everything accessible in one device. We all know we like to have things in sync with each other and Apple has provided a way to keep everything together in their cloud. The wide spread of Itunes has made it an easy bonus to keep your music on your phone with you. 

Speed is another key factor that comes into play but that goes back into the hardware so we won't go at that too hard. Each phone is completely different so we wouldn't have a straight comparison for speed. Especially when it comes to different carriers and versions of phones. 

Apps is another piece to touch on as there are different applications available for both sides. The applications mainly function the same but some are different due to the difference in operating systems. Cost of apps and music can come into play as and edge up, I would say, to Android. 


There is the vast open source market. This allows tons of great minds to invent, innovate and update the numerous apps that are available. This can be a double edged sword as some may look to innovate but those updates could bring about new complications with the operating system. We have all experienced apps crashing at one time or another. 

Thus I still am a fan of the free market especially when it comes to music and technology. There is so much out there that some people want to just share it and get their name out. The money can come later but they first want to be known for a great song or application that revolutionizes the way we function. Look at Facebook for example. The money came later and Facebook remains free. 

Personally, I love the sync functions of Google with my contacts, email, browsing and documents thru Drive. Maps is also a great Google function. Android also has so many different phones that one can find a phone style that fits them. Some many not like the design of the iPhone while others love it. I believe a phone is a reflection of your own personal style so I like the Android line up as I can choose which style I want and with Google sync I can bounce from style to style. I must also have a physical keyboard. Just a personal preference on that. I have gone thru to many touchscreens in my day to not have the keyboard just for longevity of the phone. 

I have given my views, lets hear yours. Leave your comments below on how you feel about ANDROID vs APPLE


  1. More on this epic battle!

    1. Android takes a slight edge and I stick by Android. What are your thoughts?


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