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Sunday, June 28, 2015


The MSI Concept has now partnered up with the Open Jacket Network to provide a full training platform to get you off to a fast start on working any business opportunity! 

With so many product lines in the MSI Concept, you must have the training to build a business. Now the Open Jacket Network will help you with accomplishing goals and building your skills! 

Get signed up now by clicking here!

Start with the training videos and learn how to build your business.

Monday, June 22, 2015


Do you have or know of any companies offering company phones?

I want to take over the company phone plans! 

  • I have WHOLESALE pricing on phone purchases 
  • No need for insurance charges on replacements of certain phone types! 
  • Cash back for business turning company phones into an asset! 
  • Unlimited talk,text and data plans 
  • No counting minutes 
  • No overages
  • Easy cancellations when employees leave the company
  • Personal hands on service
  • Phone training
  • Customized phone orders
Let's take the time to get together and see first off if I can save your business money, and secondly I know you will enjoy the better personalized service! 

Contact me to setup a time for a proposal! 

Cam Callender

Friday, June 19, 2015


Hey guys,

I just got news of an agent incentive for me to book any trips to Hawaii! Please let me know of anyone looking to travel to Hawaii this summer. I promise to scope out an awesome rate for them! 

Here is my incentive:

For a limited time, United Vacations® is offering our agents an easy way to earn free flights and a hotel stay. From May 7-July 2, you’ll earn a free United Airlines® flight voucher for every four vacation packages you book to Hawaii. Plus, when you book eight packages you'll receive a 5 night hotel stay for two with one of our Hawaii partners.* This offer is valid on any resort in Hawaii, for travel from May 8 through December 15, 2015.
4 bookings = 1 United Airlines voucher
8 bookings = 2 United Airlines vouchers + 1 Hawaiian hotel stay for two
12 bookings = 3 United Airlines vouchers + 1 Hawaiian hotel stay for two

16 bookings = 4 United Airlines vouchers + 1 Hawaiian hotel stay for two

I am looking to get 8 bookings this summer but I need your help. The more that gets book then some can be going on a flight to Hawaii with me as well! 

Contact me for any questions! Facebook messaging is my preferred contact method

Hopefully, I get to see you on the islands soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I have now made it easier than ever to get started in your own business! I have taken out all of the risk and put it on myself. I have already paid the licensing fees and will allow you to operate thru my license to get you started at $0 out of pocket cost! 

$0 to start, unlimited earning potential and multiple avenues in which to succeed. With a well of motivation and the ability to communicate with others, the possibilities are endless on what you can accomplish! 

I took the time to learn from multiple companies and millionaires to develop the MSI Concept. Now I will help train you on all of the techniques I use to attract new customers and the share the resources I learned from. Utilize the information and build a customer base that will pay you for a lifetime! 

Once you get started, feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer them honestly and openly. You will also have my support on any Opportunity you wish to be involved in. 

The first step is to begin studying the product lines at 
We will utilize these product lines that customers already purchase, now you will just need to let potential customers know and begin to get the same great products thru us where we can offer more support and they can help support a friend! 

This opportunity is open world wide for anyone to take part in and take the steps to change their life forever! 

Are you ready for financial freedom?
Are you ready to work for yourself?
Do you want to earn for a life time?
Do you want to retire early? 
Do you want to travel the world?
Do you want to help others?
Do you want unlimited opportunity?
Do you want to make a difference?

If any of these questions are yes, lets get started on working together! 

Cam Callender

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I will have a new offer going up for anyone in need of a simple phone! Unlimited talk and text on a Nationwide network for $35 to start then just $25 every month after! $35 includes the phone and the first month! 

If you use your phone for calling and texting only,
then i have a FREE phone for you!
( including unlimited international texts).
Great phone for young kids and older people,
why pay more if you can just pay $25/mo?

*** We are using the T-Mobile Network***
*** Our service is Nationwide ( USA)***

P.S. Contact me for questions , or if interested.

Here are a few of the phones available

Many more available at my new store site

Cam Callender

Thursday, June 11, 2015


A great new members only trip has popped up with a cruise! I just got back from a cruise with Carnival and it was AMAZING!! I recommend everyone take one or more LOL. If you have not been on a cruise, now is a great time to become a member of our great Travel Club and get great deals like this year round!! 

Join today at 

Trust me, you will not regret taking a cruise! They are  a lot of fun! 
Be sure to have a few things ready before hand:

  • Passport
  • Check in Online
  • Setup up your Sign and Sail account 
  • Carry on your luggage if you can 
  • Prepare to have fun 
  • Keep a copy of the daily schedule with you (it tears off) 
  • Book your excursions before you cruise 
You will have a good time and there is a ton to do on the ship.


Now you can get great deals on all your traveling needs! On top of that it is all FREE to customize your very own Travel Portal!!

Head to and join the Travel Club or click the link at the top for a FREE Travel Portal!

There is no reason not to take advantage of this new portal and stop looking all over the internet for deals when you can have them right at your finger tips! 

And if you need any additional support or specialized trips, you have me Cam Callender, as your dedicated travel agent to depend on for additional offers and discounts. 

Sign up know so you can keep up to date on the trips you want to see and contact me if you need more travel details! 

Monday, June 1, 2015


A great Summer promotion to get yourself and others a cool $1000 in the next 3 months! 
Are you up for the challenge to Ride The Wave?

Now you can earn $1000 in bonuses in the next 3 months. 

Hear more about the cell company that can eliminate your phone bill at the same time by clicking here

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Cam Callender
623-521-5281 call or text