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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Knowledge Blast #11 Marketing

Marketing is the base point of any business. If no one knows what you are doing then you will never sell any of your products or services. Marketing comes in many froms from advertising, calling out, promotions etc. This will always continue going forward and new ways will always be developed to enhance marketing strategies. Everyone has marketed something at one time or another by simply telling someone else about a product or service. A product or service can be boiled down to just about anything you can think of. A movie is a product of the service of a movie theatre. If you told someone to go see a new movie, you just marketed a product. The only issue with this is that you do not receive anything for this marketing effort.

In comes Network Marketing. With Network Marketing you are marketing to your own network. This can be the network that you have already built or a network you build. Either way you will get paid for everything that your market or at least you should be. If you are not getting paid then you have a backline to why you would market that product or service. There are some who market free products just to help grow their network and from that connect, then additional products and services can be marketed to those in the free product network. That is a funnel type process. The free offer filters interested parties, then you may have a few other levels of products to follow but the free product opens the door for you. A marketing funnel is a great tool to utilize as a feeler to attract qualified people to your primary opportunity. So it is okay to have a funnel just make sure that you are actually moving people thru the funnel to your primary opportunity to maximize your efforts.


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