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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The MSI Concept Marketing Tip :Retargeting

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I am sure you have experienced this already, you search something online or watch a video and soon after you see ads for it all over your social media feed! This is retargeting. It is technology that captures your search and like history to present you with ads.

This is the new form of popups with the internet. This can be detrimental to online marketers using some tactics. If you are sharing youtube links outside of your channel, you could be using your prospective customers to retargeting if you are not consistent with your follow up.

If you want to protect yourself against retargeting, you will either have to build stronger relationships or use the marketing system at the link below for sales automation and follow up.

You can get access to premium marketing tools for 30 days for just $1! I will also help you build your first website. Comment any questions or reach out to me if you need additional help!

Cam Callender
MSI Master Strategist

Friday, September 11, 2020