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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UNLOCKED iPhones, Galaxy II, Galaxy III, & Galaxy Note Now Available!


 Now available are iPhones and Galaxy phones all unlocked!

I have access to wholesale deals on AT&T, Verizon and GSM factory unlocked iphones that will not relock!  This are ranging from $250-$400 based on quality and demand. This offer is for wholesale distributors and resellers. There will be a minimum order of 6 phones required to even begin with placing an order.
Sorry no one off orders. Get a group together and buy some phones if you are in need of just a couple. 


Galaxy phones are also available! Galaxy II Skyrocket, SIII and Note are all available unlocked. Order quick though because at prices $300-$400, these phones are selling out QUICKLY!!! They are the hottest phones on the market and have the luxury of already being unlocked for you! 

If you are in need of new inventory at your store or want to start your own reselling business, get in contact with me so I can get phones in your hands for good prices with a solid profit margin! 

Cam Callender

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