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Saturday, May 18, 2013



You too can begin to travel to amazing locations for reasonable prices in a club membership that won't cost you a fortune! There are other clubs out there that are in the hundreds if not thousands to be a part of. They too can over some great trips but what about $75 only to be a part of a club? You already have to pay for travel, the membership shouldn't also break your pockets.

This great membership will allow you to earn Travel Dollars on all the travel you book! So not only do you get a great price, you get some of that spent money coming back to you so you can save even more on your next trip! Those extra savings will be maybe need for that annual family vacation or that special event that you don't want to miss.

Not only can you earn Travel Dollars back, you can also earn an income by simply referring others to the club! Let's face it, not everyone wants to travel alone all the time right? Bringing in just a couple of friends can start that income snowball rolling. The video below will talk a bit more about that.

This was a post for a good friend of mine who made this video. Here name is Shanell. If you are interested in more information on this BIZ, simple send me an email (subject: Connect me with Shanell) or call me and I can get you connected with Shanell so that you can take advantage of this great opportunity!

Cam Callender

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1 comment:

  1. Update!! I dug a little deeper for you and found out this scoop.

    Cam, we have to keep our program simple and clean.

    We give our members Travel Agency Rates.
    Whatever the cost of the reservation is to the travel agency is the rate that our members pay.

    We'll rebate the commissions that we receive on the reservation back to the member too.
    50% will go into the members Travel eWallet and the other 50% is converted to BV and allocated to the member's binary

    Here is an example of average commissions that we earn:

    Hotels........5% - 10%
    Cruises.....10% - 16%
    All Inclusives...8% - 12%
    Rental Cars....2% - 5%

    Air fares are very volatile.

    When you fill out the reservation request form below, our travel agents will find you the best fare at that time.

    We will not book your airfare reservation.
    We will direct you where to book it.


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