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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Are you a shopper?

Great! If you are, if not there are tons of great deals on amazon! Such as the great laptop offers for students going back to school & books. Amazon has just about everything.

Definitely check out Amazon's great selection and fast shipping options with Amazon Prime. This is free for 6 months for students! Students that are looking to take advantage of the free 2 day Prime shipping can get their free access here

Did you know you can also get paid by Amazon? And its as simple as what I just did above, refer a couple of links. Amazon pays others to add to their business. All companies want to expand their business, but all of them are not willing to pay you for it. They spend millions of dollars on advertising instead of paying you because they believe its better to get that for free. Some companies also don't want to take the time to track all of that extra data. But with all the advances in technology, tracking has become even easier to manage and store. Links have special codes attached to know who to pay and many users sign up with companies like amazon and allow them to track what they buy so they can better tailor their shopping experience.

All of this comes down to an opportunity for the average person. I am certain you will refer something to someone at some point in your life. There are people out there referring companies on a weekly basis if not daily, but not all of them are getting paid for their referrals.

Companies are making money off of your efforts, why shouldn't you earn from that? If a company has a product for sale that retails for $100, your friend buys it and the company makes $70 in profit, what's wrong with giving you $10 out of the $70 they just made? You were the one that actually sold that product. Your friend bought it because of the information they received from you. Now since you didn't have much do with the infrastructure or operations of the sale, your percentage is lower but it should never be 0!

Everyone should be purchasing thru a referral. Even if you really do not know the person directly you could be a great help to them. You are already spending the money and the company is already looking at sharing its profits with others, why not help someone by buying the item you were already going to purchase thru a referral? The money is being spent and profits being earned regardless. Help someone out and purchase thru referrals.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in being paid for your referrals! No one should miss out on money being offered up to take part in. Especially if there is a financial need and quite frankly most everyone could use a little extra money somewhere.

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