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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knowledge Blast #13 - MSI

The background information you will need for this Knowledge Blast is MSI. Some may have never heard of this acronym. It stands for Multiple Streams of Income. This Knowledge Blast will cover why MSI is so vital to your life and why you need to strive towards creating them.
When income is talked about, the average person thinks first of a job. This is correct that it an income source but it is not a way to create an MSI. You can not earn additional income from your job unless your employer permits a way for you to earn. The earnings in a job are either by time or production. One stream of income. If you are paid by both methods, then you now have a job with MSI. These are rare and at times can have a high turnover or production goal to earn your MSI. The other risk with have just a job, if anything happens to that job your income stops. If that is the case then your job is not an MSI.
In comes Network Marketing. MSI can be created in just about any Network Marketing company. This is simply because others can join your team. Each Team Member becomes an MSI as their production increases the team production and thus adds more income to the team. You can be affiliate with more than one Network Marketing opportunity. Thus adding more 'tools to the tool belt'. If you have multiple team members in multiple opportunities, these all add more MSI. If one member or one opportunity ends, you still have others to fall back on. This is what you need to create in your life so that you have true security. Money is a worry that can be eliminated when you make enough of it. Everyone's money number is different but they can all be obtained. MSI will take care of a stress of job loss, unemployment and the dreaded job search that the average person goes through. It allows you to fall back to one of your MSI's and focus on that until another opportunity arises. Contact me directly and I will help you develop MSI in your life.


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