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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Are you working towards your freedom?

There are many forms of freedom. Mental, physical, financial, and spiritual just to name a few. The most common know freedom is financial. The most commonly achieved freedom is spiritual. Mental and physical are very different for each individual person. I want to focus just a minute on financial freedom tho. 

Financial freedom for some is something that is sought after, for others deemed unattainable. For some it is a way of life. I am here to tell you that you can achieve financial freedom and it is not as far out of your grasp as you believe it to be. There are a number of ways to achieve it but the one I want to focus on most is Residual income. Which if you are not familiar with this term it is in the M.I.T. Dictionary. Residual income or some times referred to as passive income is the most sought after from of income. Did you know Social Security is a form of residual income? Work you did long ago is paying you back at a later time. That is what residual income is all about. Work now and continue to get paid when you are done working. 

Residual income is the light of the financial freedom path. Browse the Opportunities of this site to see some of the ways you too can start to create a residual income and begin your path to financial freedom. Imagine working hard for 90 days and that continue to pay you $1000 a month for the rest of your life? How many 90 day drives would you put in? What level of income do you need to live comfortably. How long would you work to lock in a residual income at the level you need? If you can answer those questions, I would like to help find you an opportunity that would work for your current lifestyle to get you to the lifestyle you want. 

Everyone deserves to be financially free and there is enough money going around for it to happen. All you have to do is change your mindset, believe it is attainable and go out there and get it. 

I wish everyone success


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M.I.T. Dictionary

MITTSFIT - Millionaires In Training Through Successful Futuristic Intellectual Thinking - a change in ones mindset to hold his or her future and time at the highest regard

SRI - Sustainable Recurrining Income - an income source that is built once and continues to payout longer than the time it took to build it

SSI - Social Security Income or Supplemental Security Income - government ran residual income source

Residual Income - income derived from previous work completed that continues to pay you

Season - a set period of time that you focus and really work towards your goals (ie 90 days, 6 months, 1 year)

Biz - shortened term for business but referring to a network marketing or online based business versus a traditional business

MSI - MSI is an acronym for Multiple Streams of Income, developing multiple ways to get paid or have money flowing through different avenues

Network Marketing - Network Marketing is a profession of people of like minds coming together for a common goal that earns an income thru the sharing of products and services

Affiliate Marketing - The sharing of profits from a company for products or services sold to an Affiliate who referred the person purchasing said product or service 

Why - Compelling reasons to pursue your goals that push you thru any obstacles

Compensation Plan - The structure in which a company pays its distributors