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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Knowledge Blast #10 Pyramid Scheme

It's time to put this to rest once and for all. Network Marketing is not a pyramid scheme thing. PYRAMID SCHEME's are ILLEGAL!! That means not operational, will be found out, shut down, jail time and the like. If you are looking at a company take a look at where it is located first off. Any organization originated in the United States will have to be listed as a business to operate through distributors a.k.a. marketers a.k.a. representatives a.k.a. agents a.k.a. partners etcetera. Most reputable businesses will be listed with the Better Business Bureau which will review and grade businesses based on their activity, complaints and handling of said complaints. Look at a companies existence time, if they have paid anyone over $600 in a year, the IRS will know about it and that review will come down hard if anything is out of order. So if the a company has made it past year 3 they have already been through some sort of IRS review on their payouts. Also look at what a company is paying out. If they are paying out more than they earn then they won't be in business forever. A profit must be made in order for a business to stay in business. No more than 50% of profits should ever be paid out. Profits are different than revenue and that will be on a different blast for another time. There were scams and schemes in the past and there are still some out there today. All completely illegal. Network Marketing is not illegal. Just look at the example you are on today with Facebook. It started as a social network and expanded from one dorm room to another. Now it is all over the world. That is all network marketing is. Facebook as a product instead of a website. The big difference with social Network Marketing is that the average person gets paid! Instead of the shareholders. So the next time you hear pyramid scheme, here is some information for that person. Unbiased to a company or program just factual information on the legality of the Network Marketing Profession. Which is now the second highest paid profession in the United States with the most 6 figure earners!


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