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Friday, May 31, 2013


Have You Started Your Ripple?

There is a company that has started surfacing over the internet by the name of Rippln. If you have not seen it yet here is an overview video:

That video has covered the basics of what Rippln is and what it is growing to be. This sharing model has already proved to be profitable with the companies mentioned and now there is a company looking at sharing that revenue! This could be huge but I am sure there will be bugs that need to be worked out as in all new platforms and technology.

The main point is seeing where your online reach is and how many people you can connect to. With a simple post, your message can now go out around the world to every part of your own ripple. This can be a great tool to promote, share, and inform others of anything that comes across your mind or eyes.

If you are interested, contact me or comment. I can still get my hands on invite codes so that you can get more details directly from the company as it expands. Thus keeping you ahead of others who may be looking to get their messages out on a global scale.

Start your Ripple with Rippln and see what your word is worth!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Are you a shopper?

Great! If you are, if not there are tons of great deals on amazon! Such as the great laptop offers for students going back to school & books. Amazon has just about everything.

Definitely check out Amazon's great selection and fast shipping options with Amazon Prime. This is free for 6 months for students! Students that are looking to take advantage of the free 2 day Prime shipping can get their free access here

Did you know you can also get paid by Amazon? And its as simple as what I just did above, refer a couple of links. Amazon pays others to add to their business. All companies want to expand their business, but all of them are not willing to pay you for it. They spend millions of dollars on advertising instead of paying you because they believe its better to get that for free. Some companies also don't want to take the time to track all of that extra data. But with all the advances in technology, tracking has become even easier to manage and store. Links have special codes attached to know who to pay and many users sign up with companies like amazon and allow them to track what they buy so they can better tailor their shopping experience.

All of this comes down to an opportunity for the average person. I am certain you will refer something to someone at some point in your life. There are people out there referring companies on a weekly basis if not daily, but not all of them are getting paid for their referrals.

Companies are making money off of your efforts, why shouldn't you earn from that? If a company has a product for sale that retails for $100, your friend buys it and the company makes $70 in profit, what's wrong with giving you $10 out of the $70 they just made? You were the one that actually sold that product. Your friend bought it because of the information they received from you. Now since you didn't have much do with the infrastructure or operations of the sale, your percentage is lower but it should never be 0!

Everyone should be purchasing thru a referral. Even if you really do not know the person directly you could be a great help to them. You are already spending the money and the company is already looking at sharing its profits with others, why not help someone by buying the item you were already going to purchase thru a referral? The money is being spent and profits being earned regardless. Help someone out and purchase thru referrals.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in being paid for your referrals! No one should miss out on money being offered up to take part in. Especially if there is a financial need and quite frankly most everyone could use a little extra money somewhere.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013



A friend of mine has come to save you from those crazy gas prices!

There is a scientifically tested product to help you get better gas mileage! Better gas mileage means less spent at the pump overall. This can save you hundreds of dollars over the years. Along with an increase in horsepower as well by cleaning up the gunk in your engine. 

To make it simple a video has already been put together to showcase this product.

If you are interested in obtaining this product or getting more information on the opportunity, Contact me and I will get you in touch with my friend Sal.

Sal is the Director of International Business Development for a new company that is bringing this 15 yr old proven "green product" to the world through direct sales. The company is looking to dramatically expand their business internationally. ZaZZed, currently ships to over 20 countries but this proven "green product" is available to ship into 190 countries... looking for leaders to open these other countries with us. If you can help him in any way I would greatly appreciate a comment or contact so I can get you both connected to share ideas. 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UNLOCKED iPhones, Galaxy II, Galaxy III, & Galaxy Note Now Available!


 Now available are iPhones and Galaxy phones all unlocked!

I have access to wholesale deals on AT&T, Verizon and GSM factory unlocked iphones that will not relock!  This are ranging from $250-$400 based on quality and demand. This offer is for wholesale distributors and resellers. There will be a minimum order of 6 phones required to even begin with placing an order.
Sorry no one off orders. Get a group together and buy some phones if you are in need of just a couple. 


Galaxy phones are also available! Galaxy II Skyrocket, SIII and Note are all available unlocked. Order quick though because at prices $300-$400, these phones are selling out QUICKLY!!! They are the hottest phones on the market and have the luxury of already being unlocked for you! 

If you are in need of new inventory at your store or want to start your own reselling business, get in contact with me so I can get phones in your hands for good prices with a solid profit margin! 

Cam Callender

Saturday, May 18, 2013



You too can begin to travel to amazing locations for reasonable prices in a club membership that won't cost you a fortune! There are other clubs out there that are in the hundreds if not thousands to be a part of. They too can over some great trips but what about $75 only to be a part of a club? You already have to pay for travel, the membership shouldn't also break your pockets.

This great membership will allow you to earn Travel Dollars on all the travel you book! So not only do you get a great price, you get some of that spent money coming back to you so you can save even more on your next trip! Those extra savings will be maybe need for that annual family vacation or that special event that you don't want to miss.

Not only can you earn Travel Dollars back, you can also earn an income by simply referring others to the club! Let's face it, not everyone wants to travel alone all the time right? Bringing in just a couple of friends can start that income snowball rolling. The video below will talk a bit more about that.

This was a post for a good friend of mine who made this video. Here name is Shanell. If you are interested in more information on this BIZ, simple send me an email (subject: Connect me with Shanell) or call me and I can get you connected with Shanell so that you can take advantage of this great opportunity!

Cam Callender

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Thursday, May 16, 2013



I am looking at really forming a team, not just for any one company but a team that is focused on helping everyone in the group become successful. No man left behind and all fighting as one towards a common goal. That goal is simple MSI - Multiple Streams of Income. 

Those MSI's can come from many different places but the goal is to get each member of the team to $1,000 residual income and lock it in solid. Doing this will give each Networker a foundation in which they can build any business with. From the foundation of $1,000 residual, this gives most everyone the ability to tap into their full potential to network. 

Once you have gained your $1,000 residual income, you are then free to continue promoting your favorite business or any new business to continue to grow your income to even greater amounts! The $1,000 is not a ceiling its a foundation. Building as a team all on the same mindset will really be the catalyst for assisting so many struggling networkers. 

We all know Network Marketing works. We have seen the success stories around the world and in many companies. If you haven't seen them, they are LIMITLESS. It is the purpose of the team to work with making you a success story! 

This can be accomplished thru teamwork. As we all come together, there will be great accomplishment in helping others succeed with incomes growing well over the $1,000 residual goal. Let's team up and build a legacy of success stories that will set the standard for how Teams are to really come together and prosper.

A group is already starting to form on Facebook at 
It is an open group that I admin and can get you added in. Please message me first so we can get to know each other first hand. 

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Your life can be changed just but listening in! Click the link above Today at 7 PM Pacific Time and hear our story!

The 9-5 lifestyle is dying and there is no end in sight if you are in that field. Break out of the mold and build a residual income part time! There are many ways to do it and by watching you will see one that will not only make you healthy physically, but also financially! 

Take a little bit of your time and learn about a way to get you out of the rat race and back in control of your life. It is not as hard or impossible as you think. All it really takes is a decision. Make that decision, join the team, get the help and support you need to get to where you want to be. 

You too can do this and we will help you! There is more to life than working until you die. Work hard at building this now so you can take the rest of your life off rather than waiting or requesting time off. This can really be the one thing you have been searching for! Now it is just time to make it happen for you.

Watch the live feed, ask any questions you may have and make a decision. The decision is simple. You are one of 3 types of people and A B or C. 

A - You ABSOLUTELY see opportunity and want to take ACTION!

B - You are thinking mayBe. You have some questions or really want to try the product first. 

C - C you later. You are not interested and that is okay. We know this business is not for everyone. With that in mind, just be a CUSTOMER and enjoy a great healthy product.

The Decision is all yours. Make your selection.