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New service is available at then select Cell Service!

If you still are I have to let you know there are better options out there!! Gone are the days of contracts just to get a lower phone price. Now you can get the best of both! No contract service, even better service than you are probably paying through the nose for now, and phones at a reasonable price! 

First things first. Let's get you out of that contract and into better service! Click on this link for your opportunity to get FREE CELL SERVICE! This will allow you to get unlimited talk, text and data for $39 per month on a nationwide 4G network! This is no joke! For every person you refer for service you can get $5 paid back to you directly! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer!!! If you need assistance contact me.

Now that you have reduced your phone bill, let's get you a new phone without the addition of the contracts. We have a great lineup of phones available in all conditions to meet your price range at or the Phones for Sale tab above. If you do not see the phone you are looking for listed, feel free to send Drizzle a message and request the phone you are looking for and your price range or leave a comment below. Its that simple to get the phone you want and a price you can afford. Be reasonable though. You are probably not going to find a working Iphone 5 for $50 without a contract. Remember the whole point is keeping you out of that contract. No more high phone bills or overages. I know you are tired of all of that already. 

I know you are still thinking what about my early termination fee. Here's the breakdown on that. Companies are all shooting for the low upfront costs on phones but only to lock you in at a higher rate on your monthly bill. Check the math. 

$90 per month (the average bill for a new 2 year contract) at 24 months comes out to $2160

$50 per month (no contract service available thru the link to the side) at 24 months comes out to $1200

That's a savings of $960 over the course of 2 years! With that amount of money you could probably get 2 phones, depending on what you wanted and still have money left over for accessories! While covering the $300 early termination fee that is usually charged! The math makes it clear and its a simple formula. Take whatever your monthly bill is and times it by 24 then subtract that number by $1200 ($50 by 24 months) if that number is greater than your early termination fee then you are saving money! 


The Video below will help explain additional details on what this can do for you!

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  1. More phones available!!

  2. Perfect Cam! love how far your blog has come.. looks like a real website :)

    1. Thanks. I still have even more content to add with some new affiliates

  3. New service is now available at the same price at


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