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I have been around the block so to speak when it comes to online. I have worked in many areas and experienced a great deal of different views from different mentors. Some being millionaires. I know have gotten to a level where I want to also share what I have learned over my years and really help the next person get to where they want to be. Success is just around the corner if you know the right corner to turn around! This blog will be free to all that wish to subscribe and hopefully we can work together on another venture that will provide even greater success for us all. Feel free to contact me as I have an open mind by either leaving a comment or messaging me directly. My profile is open and all of my information is accessible. 
With that now covered, I have been in Network Marketing, with I prefer that term over MLM as multi-level-marketing has levels that are capped. I believe in Network Marketing where there is no cap. A network can always continue to grow. This lead me into online marketing which I have done previous as young as 15 years old but did not really dive heavily into until the latter part of 2012. Now I have combined many systems, techniques and teachings from many different individuals into one. This allows me to be very flexible in helping anyone succeed in any venture without being directly involved. I have reviewed many compensation plans and have seen tons of products from all over the internet. I have settled on a few that I personally would use regardless of being paid for. That is why it is easy for me to share my opportunities with anyone as I am not a round peg trying to fit into a square hole but more I have found products and service I use that I can now be paid to utilize as I would have used them either way.
This I feel only makes sense.

Why not have an opportunity to get paid for the products you would normally use whether you were paid to use them or not? 

If you too feel this same way, let me know what you utilize in your daily life and I am sure we can find a product that fits your rather than you fitting to it!

If you purchase anything through a link on this site or any other email, you should assume that there is an affiliate relationship with the company or individual providing the product or service that you purchase. 

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