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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Knowledge Blast #8 Change

Albert Einstein's definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results. Many people are still in the loophole of go to school, get good grades, so you can go to a good college, get good grades so you can land a good job. Even when landing a job, some people are still following that same pattern and ending up average and mediocre. It's time for all of that to change. Make a conscious decision to change the status quot and do things a bit differently to get a different result.

In comes Network Marketing. For years, Network Marketing has been that edge that the average person can get on life. It was the only vehicle that allowed you to build part time and return full time results. There was no limits in Network Marketing and with that it took some time to get it right. Just as anything starting up for the first time. The vision and goal was there it just had to evolve. Now it has created the most 100,000 a year earners in any industry. I am sure it will soon create the most millionaires too. The top money earners are all owners! Coincidence? I think not. Owning is the only security in life. You may feel secure in your job, but that can be changed at any time without your control if you are not and owner. Still there are some owners that are pushed out of their companies. The late great Steve Jobs for example was pushed out of Apple when he started it. Luckily for him, he got back in but that does not always happen when you are not an owner. In summary, own your own destiny by owning up to all responsibilities.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Knowledge Blast #7 Advice

Everyone is in need of advice at one time or another and throughout life people have many different advisers. This could be a teacher, a parent, a friend, a spouse, etcetera. Advice is meant to be helpful but it is not always from the best source. Some advisers do not have enough knowledge in the field they are advising you in. While others are negative in their advising. For example someone that has never played football probably shouldn't be coaching. I am sure you have had doubters in your life as well. There person that says that will never happen or that will never work, you should do this or be like me instead. If they do not have the life you want, are in a position you want to be in, or are moving the direction you want to go, then do not follow that person. If you accept someone's advice and opinion, you accept their lifestyle. In summary, not all advice is good advice.

In comes Network Marketing. When you are being advised in Network Marketing you are learning from someone who has already achieved what you are looking for. If you are learning from someone on your team, they have the most interest in seeing you succeed as there is usually compensation for that growth. Learn from someone that has what you want in life. If they do not have the life you want, are in a position you want to be in, or are moving the direction you want to go, then do not follow that person. If you wanted to study basketball you should probably follow tips from Michael Jordan, if you wanted to study surgery you should probably follow a renowned doctor and if you wanted to make money you should probably follow someone actually making the money you want to make with their own business. Not someone with a JOB because they generally have no idea how to make money as their JOB provides their money. A JOB can be ended at anytime for any reason. Follow someone that has been where you want to go. They know the road to destination because they have been there before. Don't get lost following someone who is still making a path.


Average Life Span

This image truly changed my life and really began the course of my journey to success. The average person goes through 23-25 years with school, then joins the 40/40/40 club and works 40 hours a week, for 40 years of their life to retire on 40% of the income they struggled on for those 40 years of working. The retirement in the 40/40/40 club lasts about 20 years with average life expectancy of 85. 

In comes Network Marketing. The same schooling is followed at 23-25 years but work is then boiled down into 3-5 years. Which can now be done while going to school to insure that time frame is even shorter. That work life span of 3-5 years leaves 55 years for retirement with the average life expectancy of 85. That is more time to spend with your family and do everything you want to do in life! I choose Network Marketing!



Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knowledge Blast #6 - Start up costs

There is always the negative connotation about Network Marketing's start up cost. Your JOB has a start up cost as well that you voluntarily pay. Transportation and clothing are two of the biggest that come to mind. Transportation covering a wide range of expenses too such as gas, bus passes, parking fees and rides. Those cost are all associated with your JOB. Clothing is another expense with some JOBs. Professional JOBs have dress codes that have to be followed and I am sure you have heard the term "work" clothes. Those are all costs related to your JOB which in actuality is temporary. You can't work your JOB forever.

In comes Network Marketing. The start up costs of Network Marketing are at times minimal in comparison to their value. I know an international business you can start for around $500! Yet people gripe about that. How much do you think it costs to start your own business? A restaurant? How much do you think it costs to start up the company that gave you a JOB? When thinking about that, how far does your JOB reach? A restaurant reaches about a 10 mile radius and people have to come to a physical location. That restaurant would have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up and your finances will be in the red the day you open the door. Which is why most businesses fail in their first year. In Network Marketing, you have an international reach through the internet. The internet is everywhere these days and it is the #1 employee in the world. It never takes a day off and is always working! So when it comes to start up costs, think more on the value, the range and the true opportunity. I am sure you have heard the saying, "it takes money to make money". With that being said over look start up costs to and do what needs to be done to make money. That is what you do with your JOB when they tell you about their associated costs.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Knowledge Blast #5 School

Let me start of with making one thing very clear, I am not putting down school. I am a student and will graduate with a degree but I am not betting that degree will get me where I want to be nor will it guarantee me anything.

We all were taught go to school, get good grades, get in to a good college to get a good job. This was the plan of the past. That ship has sailed. With the drop of the economy and job loss, there are people out there that have the same degree you are going for and 10 years of experience. Those people are now open to pay cuts to get back in the workforce often taking less money then even you, fresh out of college would want to make. Fact is, half of this year's graduating class is unemployed right now and those employed are working dead end jobs. It is a tragedy but also the perfect storm of opportunity! The opportunity to employ yourself and begin your own business. Starting your own business will allow you to control your own success.

In comes Network Marketing. This industry allows you to start up your own business internationally right over the internet! The internet is everywhere so that means your business is instantly everywhere! Network Marketing allows you to be in business with a company that is already established. There is no need for additional capital, employees, overhead, or high expenses. The time is now to really get educated and get involved as the window is closing on the availability of the opportunities at hand. People are realizing they must do something different to get ahead. Success is achievable for everyone but its not an easy ride up to the top, you have to take the stairs!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knowledge Blast #4 Referrals

I get paid to refer you to the products you are looking for! You should too. You refer people to other products and services all the time but never collect a check. Change that and start making money on the side from what you already do and have done for years! Its simple work and you will continue to do it even if you are not getting paid. For example, have you ever told someone to go see a movie, buy the new iPhone, or watch a video on YouTube? That's the same thing I do except I get paid for it! It is known as word of mouth advertising and is the best possible form of advertising. All companies want it but they all don't want to pay for it because of tracking every person that says they referred someone. Companies that do take that time really care about their products and customers. Get educated, Get involved.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Knowledge Blast #3 Millionaire

Anyone can make a million dollars in their life time. We all have the time to do it. So why is it that we all don't? We don't believe we can. I am here to tell you can be a millionaire but first you must visualize yourself as one. If you don't start with the belief you will never reach the end goal you seek!


Friday, April 26, 2013

This Is Not How Life Was Meant For You

Let me paint this picture for you. Most people are in this human hamster wheel of a life. Always running but going nowhere. Running to work, school, in life in general always running but going nowhere. Do you feel you are not getting ahead? You may be running nowhere. Seriously though, if you do not have a plan to escape your current situation, if it is not one you want to be in for the rest of your life then you need to do something different. The hamster wheel will not quit. It will let you run until you die. If you want to get off of that wheel one day you better plan your exit strategy because the wheel will not stop for you. It will push you to keep running.

In comes Network Marketing. This would be like building up your upper body while running in that hamster wheel. Once you build up that upper body strong enough you can simply grab the wheel and stop it at your choosing because your legs do not have to keep moving or they are tired of moving at the pace the wheel of life has set for you. Network Marketing is a building process. Continue to build it until it is at the level you need and then go a bit farther to embed a safety net for your lifestyle. Help is available. Get educated, Get involved



Knowledge Blast #2 Recruiting

Every business recruits. Have you ever heard of hiring? This should be known as scheduled recruiting because that's all it is. Businesses set out a time frame where they know they will need extra assistance or they need to replace lost workforce. Here's a fun fact, Mcdonald's recruits 200% of their workforce every year! That means every person there is replaced twice a year. Great job security.

In comes Network Marketing, recruiting is the same here. The difference is it is all the time! Recruiting happens day in and day out because of the opportunity for advancement. That opportunity for advancement is your job security. The higher you advance, the more people you have helped get started in changing their own lives for the better. When you change someone's life, that is job security. They will be more than happy to tell that story to others day in and day out.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Opportunity Alive with Bob Proctor!!

Opportunities are all around us! You can get anything you want out of life. It is yours for the taking! Keep this in mind in anything you really want out of life. The only way to succeed is to keep moving forward towards your goal. The video below will show you you can get more out of life!

Can you see how your life can change? It can happen for you and there is support to help you every step of the way. You are not alone anymore. There are others who want to see you succeed and get everything you want out of life! I am one of those people! You too can help others see opportunity is alive and all around them.

Together let's open minds and change lives!

Leave a comment below or connect with me for information.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M.I.T. Dictionary

MITTSFIT - Millionaires In Training Through Successful Futuristic Intellectual Thinking - a change in ones mindset to hold his or her future and time at the highest regard

SRI - Sustainable Recurrining Income - an income source that is built once and continues to payout longer than the time it took to build it

SSI - Social Security Income or Supplemental Security Income - government ran residual income source

Residual Income - income derived from previous work completed that continues to pay you

Season - a set period of time that you focus and really work towards your goals (ie 90 days, 6 months, 1 year)

Biz - shortened term for business but referring to a network marketing or online based business versus a traditional business

MSI - MSI is an acronym for Multiple Streams of Income, developing multiple ways to get paid or have money flowing through different avenues

Network Marketing - Network Marketing is a profession of people of like minds coming together for a common goal that earns an income thru the sharing of products and services

Affiliate Marketing - The sharing of profits from a company for products or services sold to an Affiliate who referred the person purchasing said product or service 

Why - Compelling reasons to pursue your goals that push you thru any obstacles

Compensation Plan - The structure in which a company pays its distributors 

Knowledge Blast #1 Sales

You don't like sales? Well know that every business sells a product or service. Without selling a product or service there is no profit. No profit = no jobs, no revenue, no business. If you are not part of the sales process then you are part of customer base maintenance. All of which you do not get your fair share of payment for as you are keeping the business you work for afloat. You are a percentage that is paid out on a budget sheet. That percentage can be adjusted if profits fall, hence layoffs and downsizing. This is justified by a loss in customers that you were either not in the sales process selling to or maintaining. Tough break.

On the flipside, Network Marketing can be your business. You will still be doing the same thing you are at your current job by being a part of the sales process and customer maintenance. This insures you the maximum profits, a fair share of the earnings, and no risk of layoffs or downsizing because you don't fire yourself. If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, lets link up and schedule a conference. Knowledge is power.


M.I.T. - Millionaires In Training

I began this original blogging on Facebook and will bring over the Knowledge Blast post to this new system. Just after this post will be the port over of the first Knowledge Blast I ever created then I will bring over the rest daily until the new site is all caught up. I will continue to blog and bring more Knowledge Blasts to help with build a Millionaire Mindset. Please leave a comment your thoughts on the topics I blog about. Let me know how they may have helped you in some way. I look forward to delivering positive, uplifting messages for everyone to enjoy and share with the world.
There is a lot of content set to be delivered here. Video content will be following soon too! All original content and soon to be more interviews of successful individuals who are also willing to share their knowledge. Knowledge is key and should be Blasted out to the masses! Here is where that knowledge will be available. Thanks for tuning in.

The Vision - M.I.T.T.S.F.I.T.

This vision all started long ago when I got to sit down with my first million dollar earner. I was able to ask him questions and pick his brain while sitting at dinner with him. The experience was indescribable! From that point forward, I sought out other millionaires to learn as much as possible from them. Not just from the books but the actual people. This turned my whole mindset around. Now I am here to share as much information as possible as I learned from them. I want to help expand your mind and open your eyes. This blog space will be the catalyst for expanding my own knowledge. One truly understands a concept when they are able to teach it to someone else. That is my goal to offer you concepts that you can apply to your own life where ever it fits best for you.
I consider this goal to be Millionaires In Training. As a Millionaire In Training you become part of the M.I.T.T.S.F.I.T. mindset.  M.I.T.T.S.F.I.T. is an acronym for Millionaires In Training Through Successful Futuristic Intellectual Thinking. Its all about thinking forward about success that will in turn make you millions. You do not have to be intelligent to think intellectually. All you have to do is visualize where you want to be and stay focused on that destination as we will all get where we need to go together. Going forward my closing will be as follows: