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Friday, April 26, 2013

Knowledge Blast #2 Recruiting

Every business recruits. Have you ever heard of hiring? This should be known as scheduled recruiting because that's all it is. Businesses set out a time frame where they know they will need extra assistance or they need to replace lost workforce. Here's a fun fact, Mcdonald's recruits 200% of their workforce every year! That means every person there is replaced twice a year. Great job security.

In comes Network Marketing, recruiting is the same here. The difference is it is all the time! Recruiting happens day in and day out because of the opportunity for advancement. That opportunity for advancement is your job security. The higher you advance, the more people you have helped get started in changing their own lives for the better. When you change someone's life, that is job security. They will be more than happy to tell that story to others day in and day out.

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