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Monday, April 29, 2013

Knowledge Blast #5 School

Let me start of with making one thing very clear, I am not putting down school. I am a student and will graduate with a degree but I am not betting that degree will get me where I want to be nor will it guarantee me anything.

We all were taught go to school, get good grades, get in to a good college to get a good job. This was the plan of the past. That ship has sailed. With the drop of the economy and job loss, there are people out there that have the same degree you are going for and 10 years of experience. Those people are now open to pay cuts to get back in the workforce often taking less money then even you, fresh out of college would want to make. Fact is, half of this year's graduating class is unemployed right now and those employed are working dead end jobs. It is a tragedy but also the perfect storm of opportunity! The opportunity to employ yourself and begin your own business. Starting your own business will allow you to control your own success.

In comes Network Marketing. This industry allows you to start up your own business internationally right over the internet! The internet is everywhere so that means your business is instantly everywhere! Network Marketing allows you to be in business with a company that is already established. There is no need for additional capital, employees, overhead, or high expenses. The time is now to really get educated and get involved as the window is closing on the availability of the opportunities at hand. People are realizing they must do something different to get ahead. Success is achievable for everyone but its not an easy ride up to the top, you have to take the stairs!


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  1. Student loan debt is the number one debt in the United States and continues to grow. Some are struggling to pay back their student loan debts. Utilize the time you are in school to also build a network marketing business that will at least cover your student loan payments once you graduate. That at least gets that financial burden covered. Or pays the investment of school itself.


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