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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Knowledge Blast #6 - Start up costs

There is always the negative connotation about Network Marketing's start up cost. Your JOB has a start up cost as well that you voluntarily pay. Transportation and clothing are two of the biggest that come to mind. Transportation covering a wide range of expenses too such as gas, bus passes, parking fees and rides. Those cost are all associated with your JOB. Clothing is another expense with some JOBs. Professional JOBs have dress codes that have to be followed and I am sure you have heard the term "work" clothes. Those are all costs related to your JOB which in actuality is temporary. You can't work your JOB forever.

In comes Network Marketing. The start up costs of Network Marketing are at times minimal in comparison to their value. I know an international business you can start for around $500! Yet people gripe about that. How much do you think it costs to start your own business? A restaurant? How much do you think it costs to start up the company that gave you a JOB? When thinking about that, how far does your JOB reach? A restaurant reaches about a 10 mile radius and people have to come to a physical location. That restaurant would have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars to start up and your finances will be in the red the day you open the door. Which is why most businesses fail in their first year. In Network Marketing, you have an international reach through the internet. The internet is everywhere these days and it is the #1 employee in the world. It never takes a day off and is always working! So when it comes to start up costs, think more on the value, the range and the true opportunity. I am sure you have heard the saying, "it takes money to make money". With that being said over look start up costs to and do what needs to be done to make money. That is what you do with your JOB when they tell you about their associated costs.


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