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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Knowledge Blast #16 - Be Different!

Here is a quote I snagged from Robert Kyosaki, 

There are core differences and technical differences between average and above-average investors. My rich dad often said, “If you want to be rich, just find out what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite.”

This ties into today's Knowledge Blast! Don't follow the masses. This will have you looking like everyone else and every other ad out there that people are constantly bombarded with every day. They want something new. New is refreshing and being that difference maker will take you a long way in how people react to you. The difference in closing a deal is how a person feels when they are with you. This feeling drives the buying process for some sales. Sales run in a ratio:

  • 1/10 people you will not be able to sell no matter what you say
  • 1/10 people you will buy no matter what you say 
  • 8/10 others will depend on your skill and how they feel about you
Sales is a skill just like any other that can be learned and mastered. The is a common saying that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. This will take many years to become a master as there are only 8760 hours in a year and you do not have all of them to devote to learning a skill. Most people will spend: 
  • 2080 hours working 
  • 1820 hours eating, driving, showering, etc
  • 2912 hours sleeping
Leaving 1924 hours to work on your skills to reach your dreams and goals! Take those hours when and wherever you can. Those that want to reach their goals and dreams sooner will take hours from the other categories! Those are the motivated few. 

If you are not sure where to get started, join me in The MSI Concept where I will help you develop the skills to Brand Yourself and build your own list to market anything you would like to anyone at anytime! 

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