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Sunday, July 12, 2015


I was recently on the 6 Figure Earners call with Alex Morton and I want to bring some of nuggets from Alex. 
1. C type goals 

  • A goals based on current results 
  • B goals based on speculation
  • C goals based on visualization

2. Strong ability to learn

  • Always be learning
  • Do not have an ego 
  • Learn from every action
  • Always be changing

*challenge = change 

3. Strong Positive mental attitude 

  • Nothing will change without the right attitude 
  • Belief thru the roof
  • Your attitude will determine your altitude
  • Be a lion and do not create drama like the sheep
  • Who is around you?
  • You password protect everything you own but you are not protecting your mind
  • Do not accept negativity 
4. Strong work ethic
  • Stay focused for as long as it takes 
  • Study UNTIL......
  • Keep going for as long as it takes 
  • UNTIL you WIN 
  • Work work work work work work / get paid get paid get paid until its work / get paid get paid get paid 
5. Strong People / Leadership skills 
  • Become strongly skilled 
  • Treat people good 
  • When you change results are going to change
  • Teach from your notes 
  • 5 reasons people follow 1. Previous results 2. Current results 3. Integrity 4. Incredible work ethic 5. Pleasing personality 
6. Strong Personal Development Regiment 
  • Your income is a direct result of your growth 
  • Audios, videos, books
  • Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Tom Hopkins 
  • Real men and women put in work when no ones watching 
  • Stop replaying your past and start prepaying your future
  • Where are you in a year? Where are you in 2 years?
7. Believe Much Bigger Much Sooner 
  • Its your time right now 
  • Stop walking and start running 
  • Do more than you are doing right now 
  • You have a purpose, you are here to change lives
  • What is holding you back? What is causing you to say "I can't"
  • Start saying "I can" 
  • Study more, learn more, dream more, be more 
Some great information from a good friend of mine Alex Morton. 

This life is yours and you should live it how you want to. Get out there and be somebody! Stay focus and reach the goals you set! There are many successful people in this world that will share their knowledge with you. The more you learn, the better off you will be. Knowledge alone is not power. The application of knowledge is power. If you are uncertain how to use this information, connect with me and learn how to harness its power! 

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