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Friday, April 10, 2015


It has been a while since there were consistent posts......

That is all about to change!! 

I am back to posting on my main site after getting a lot of things setup for the future. You will see changes to the affiliations on the right panel as well as new links and a more content! 

I am thinking of leaning on the side of releasing some of my techniques that I have used to get me to 5000 Facebook friends in 5 months from 1200, techniques that have allowed me to create lead lists of 15,000+ and that have allowed my name to be a search term to capture the full first page of Google! 

I will still be keeping most of the good stuff for those inside of my MSI Concept, which you can get access to in several places on my site as well as

I look forward to connecting with new people and helping others grow to the point I have all while earning online! The next phase is getting ready to launch and I will want as many possible to get connected with me and this site will be the best centerpiece to be a hub of communication! 

Not only can you subscribe here, you can reach me on many social media outlets 

Tsu - You can get paid here FREE!!
Linked In
Neurs - You can earn here too! 
About Me

As well as email, phone calls and text messages. My preferred contact method and fastest responses will be thru Facebook Messages. While you may not be able to get on my friends list you can still follow my posts as well as message me without being on my friends list. So be sure to send me a message. 

It feels good to be back and now the growth will continue in the right directions! 

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