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Friday, October 3, 2014


To all of my readers, 

You all know I have many opportunities available on this site. This has to be one of my favorites as it eliminates a bill most all of us have, the cell phone bill! There is no reason for you to continue to pay full price for your mobile service. You can get free of your phone bill! 

Here's the proof:

And for switching service in the month of October, you can get an extra $10 off per month for 3 months! That gives you 3 months to eliminate your phone bill at a discounted rate. 6 referrals in 3 months is only 2 people per month. Most of you have more than one line of service or more than 1 person in your household using a cell phone. Just with your family alone you can eliminate your phone bill. Refer a few friends and eliminate your families phone bill! 

I will help you along the way as much as I possibly can! I want everyone to #Get6GetFree 

Switch today at

Cam Callender

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