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Sunday, July 27, 2014


BLU is becoming a hot brand and of great quality! I personally use the BLU Life Play S, a great phone and I love it. Others have gone thru a number of different designs that have come on the site from the Zoey all the way up to the Studio 5S. 

If you are in the market for a new phone I urge you to try a phone from me and see what BLU can do for you! Now with that partnered up with Solavei and saving tons of people money on their bill at the same time as a great phone, where you can upgrade at any time, there's not much that can top it. 

Switch to Solavei and save, get a great phone for a low price, and refer some friends to eliminate your phone bill. I have a eliminated mine, let me help you eliminate yours. Just the other day I help someone go from paying $200 a month down to $50! That savings alone is enough to make the switch but now he will still refer others to eliminate his phone bill all together. 

You can to switch to a new BLU phone or bring your own unlocked GSM phone (T-Mobile or AT&T) to Solavei and start eliminating your phone bill today

Call or text me if you have questions 
Cam 623-521-5281

You can always leave a comment here or email me as well 

Which ever is comfortable for you works for me. I am here to help you save money as you should not pay more than $50 a month for your cell service any longer. 


  1. Super post. I've been thinking about this very topic my guruish friend. Congratulations on being so consistently interesting. You Rocks !!

  2. Thanks. Let me know if you need a phone. I will get you a sweet deal.


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