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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In case you missed it, check it out here live! Today's Solavei Social 1/14/14. No reason not to check it out and start savings on mobile service! 

This year the goal is the help everyone save on the things they are already planning to spend money on. Don't continue to overspend when you don't have to. You continue to pay your mobile phone bill month in and month out, why not eliminate that bill once and for all?

It is possible with Solavei and if you are not a business savvy on working to eliminate it, let me know. I will help you. I have the resources and with just a little effort on both of our parts, we can work together to get rid of cellphone bills across the nation! 

Get started today and experience Solavei where you will most likely get instant savings with the Solavei rate plans. You can see all of the plans at

See you on the other side where savings live!

Cam Callender
International Recruiter

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