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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Multiple Streams of Income Builders Hangout

The first launch phase of MSI is ready to take off! We have all the parts in place now and it is time to share the concept and start the first wave!

This first wave will be the basis of the team to go into the 90 day recruitment phase for the first rotation. Do not miss out on being in on the first rotation so that you can begin to earn early on and then help others to reach their $1000 per month residual foundation! 

The event is available to join in on at
it will be a Google Hangout event that will air on YouTube as well. The YouTube link will be list after the event but don't wait for that when you can get in live! Those in live will be have the first move to act and will be ahead of the pack in rotation. 

If you have not already gotten a glimpse of the vision head to this post CLICK HERE

It is time to TEAM UP and really take advantage of the power of network marketing. Everyone deserves residual income, so let's go get our slice of the pie! 

See you on the Hangout

Cam Callender
International Recruiter

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