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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Solavei has really stepped it up and came to compete with other network marketing companies. Not only is the product one that is simple and easy to share, the compensation plan has evolved and it is one that will build a residual income you can stand on!

With the growing use of cell phones, you don't have to worry about your downline falling out because most people are going to be saving money with the price point of Solavei. On top of that with the Thousandaire rank that can be hit with as little as 54 people in your organization, there sets a good sizeable team that can grow. With the average Facebook user having over 500 friends, 54 isn't a hard number to reach especially when you think of it in terms of cell phone service. I am sure you have more than 50 contacts in your phone right now! Imagine all of your contacts switching their mobile phone service, saving and earning more money from their phone than the cost of their mortgage each month! 

It is all possible with Solavei. 

Now with the emergence of Solavei Marketplace, Social Members of Solavei can earn cash back on their daily shopping as well as special discounts from major retailers like Target, Walmart and Starbucks just to name a few. 

If you haven't already tapped into the power of network marketing, Solavei is a great place to start. Sharing what cell phone service you have and how much money it saved you is a very easy process. Even if you are a seasoned networker, what better than to have unlimited talk text and data that is now not only a write off but earning you a residual income as you share with others! There is nothing better than helping someone save money and it building a life changing income. $1000 coming every month that you do not have to continue to work for would change a lot of lives! Its not just about the money but more so what you can do with the money and your time when you don't have to spend as much of it working. That leaves more time for the things your really want to do and allows you to spend time with the people your really want to be with. 

If you are looking for a change in your life, or just a little extra money, Solavei could be that solution. Get in touch with me and I will help you build a residual income that you can retain for life. There is nothing better than helping someone reach their version of freedom. I hope to be working with you very soon and have you taking advantage of not only the cell phone savings but the new retail savings as well! 

Just to cap on how the retail savings work:
Solavei just killed it with new Solavei Marketplace! 

How It Works

With Solavei Marketplace, you can earn Cash back every day – whether you're shopping in a store or here on the Solavei Marketplace site.
Earning is easy! Here's how:

Make purchases with your Solavei Card. We have partnered with hundreds of your favorite national retailers and local stores so you can always find what you’re looking for. Make sure you check out the new, exclusive offers that require you to activate before shopping.

Here's how you can earn Cash back:
ONLINE: Earn Cash back when you shop at participating retailers through this site.

Earn Cash back when shopping at participating stores just by using your Solavei card.

ACTIVATE: Earn Cash back when you activate offers on the site and shop before the expiration date.

With so many opportunities to earn, your Cash back will add up fast!

Now not only can you eliminate your phone bill, you get cash back on purchases with your Solavei earnings! I just looked thru over the 600+ different locations we can shop at and this is just getting started!  #myphonepaysme

To get started immediately sign up at 

If you have questions before you get started, contact me. There is a form both on the link posted and below. You can also comment on this post. 

Thanks for reading

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Cam Callender 

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