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Monday, September 23, 2013

1 WEEK TILL LAUNCH!!! Empower Network Members Must Read!

Get in NOW!!!!

With only 1 week left until launch, the time is now to get strapped in if you have not already heard about the great new twist on the 100% compensation plan model. This new system along with the compensation will be HUGE you don't want to miss out on this move!

There has been a lot of changes in the compensation plan and a more in depth view on what product we are actually getting. A FREE LEAD SYSTEM FOREVER!

1st: Upgrading is optional. You can try out the free lead system marketing platform for as little as $1. This will last for 7 days. If you're serious about this you'd want to upgrade because every other lead you get will be passed up to your sponsor.
2nd. The product will be $30 a month. You'll get:
Customizable lead capture and landing pages
Sales url implantable video pages
Google hangout pages
Email postcard pages
Ad and email tracker system
Sales generation training training
and more (check out the videos again) at PLS FUNNEL
3. The compensation plan.
Formally the payment plan was just 100% commission and 50% matching bonus on all pass ups. NOW we will get 50% commission on EVERY RECRUIT and the pass ups!!!
1. Unlike empower network the PLS will allow you to sell the marketing platform to any business owner, entrepreneur whether inside network marketing or not. the empower network blog is limited towards only network marketers. with the PLS you can adjust it to fit your business style and company.

2. The real money is in the 50% matching bonus. With the 100% commission you'll only get $20 per person a month. But with the 50% matching bonus you'll get half of what everyone earns. THIS IS ENORMOUS! No longer do you have to recruit a ton of people. As long as at least 4 of your people are making $1000 a month you'll be getting 2,000 a month from their efforts! Xplocial doesn't have 50% matching bonus on pass ups. This is essential!
So when the launch day comes I hope all of you keep your eyes focus on the HUGE POTENTIAL in the power lead system.

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