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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Android Direct Sales!!

I am now opening up my lineup of Android phones into a direct sales marketing role! 

Are you a sales person or do you know of one? 

Then right here is where you want to be. My Android lineup is priced greatly for wholesale distribution with a large margin for resale commissions. Those resale commissions will be 100% to the sales rep! You heard me right 100%. 

The program will work as follows:

My prices on this site will remain consistent and at times be even lower with the change of the market. There will be 2 ways to sell the phones either purchase directly and resell or taking customer orders and collecting funds. Sales reps can choose how they want to operate their sales. 

For example, the Android Avior is priced at $250 here, this phone can be sold at any price above its $250 price point and you get to keep all money above that price. Can you sell that phone at $350, $450 or even $550? The choice is yours and you keep what you earn. Either order the phone outright and sell at any price you determine or take an order for the phone and collect the funds to complete the order, keeping any funds over $250. 

This program is very simple to follow and cellphones don't need much explanation. You can get started with $0 investment by taking orders. A Facebook group, ADS - Android Direct Sales has been started that will allow you to connect online with other sales reps for tips tricks and questions. 

Additional training and sales ideas will follow along with recorded webinar content for new reps to follow. This is just the start of a growing program and it is already off to a great start with expansions international and on both coasts of the US! 

Join up now and start your new career either part time or full time! You set your own schedule! You are your own boss! There is no limit to how much money you can make! 

Happy Sales! 

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